Laser Tattoo Removal in Aurora, CO

Tattoos are a unique form of expression, and help tell a story with special meaning. Occasionally, they age over time and can become less appealing or unwanted. Innovative Aesthetics offers laser tattoo removal in Aurora, CO. We have the latest laser tattoo removal treatment to help eliminate ink through a safe procedure with noticeable results before and after the removal process.

The Tattoo Removal Process

The laser tattoo removal process is painless and easy. Not only does it heal quickly, but it is the only technique that leaves minimal scarring. Most removal sessions are fast and hurt less than getting the tattoo itself – only taking a minute or two per tattoo. We start with laser therapy on the skin with the color pigmentation that begins with high-intensity pulses. The pulses last no longer than a few billionths of a second, lightening the appearance of the ink. The laser helps break the ink into particles that the immune system harmlessly removes itself. The body then begins its own healing process.

Treatments and Healing with Laser Tattoo Removal

The tattoo removal cost varies depending on the treatment level and how many sessions are needed to fully remove the tattoo. It is normal for the process to take between 5-10 sessions and are spaced four weeks apart. Each laser session breaks down the tattoo ink on the top layer of the skin more than the previous. Minor itching and swelling may occur as the tattoo removal area heals. We recommend an increase in water intake, a soothing ointment, and a cold compress to help alleviate any discomfort.

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laser tattoo removal in Aurora, CO

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