AviClear is being called the biggest acne breakthrough in decades. It is the first FDA-cleared device for acne treatment.

AviClear Treatment

Innovative Aesthetics is pleased to announce the launch of AviClear, an FDA-cleared laser device that treats mild to severe cases of acne. AviClear treatment is quick and effective and lasts for many years. It takes only three 30-minute sessions.

How Does AviClear Treatment Work?

AviClear works by targeting Sebum, an oily substance found on your skin that reacts with dead skin cells to form acne. Many acne treatments do not target the production of sebum but other factors that can cause it. This can make a huge difference in your results. Other treatments will not give long-lasting results, and your acne will return if not used regularly. AviClear is different.

Before and after AviClear Six Months Treatment

AviClear Treatment Results & Side Effects

Clinical studies showed that 91% of patients responded to treatment, and 80% of those who received treatment saw at least half of their acne disappear. Your results can continue to improve over time, even after you have completed your treatment sessions.

AviClear has no side effects and is safe for all skin types. Clinical studies showed that patients tolerated the treatment well without the need to take pain medication or stop treatment.

Mild symptoms like redness, inflammation, and flare-ups will subside after treatment.

Interested in AviClear Treatment?


AviClear targets acne from the source. This laser treatment is revolutionary and uses a 1726nm wavelength to target and down-regulate the sebaceous cells.

One of the main causes of acne is sebum produced by the glands.

AviClear works by using laser technology to target acne at the source. By gently pulsing a 1726nm wavelength laser light into the skin, the AviClear system is able to damage the glands responsible for producing oil (known as sebum) that clogs skin pores.

By limiting the amount of sebum production, the skin becomes less of an ideal environment for bacteria and dead skin cells to collect. This reduces the population of current pimples and lessens the likelihood of outbreaks reoccurring in the future.

AviClear is an effective and efficient method of treating and preventing acne, as significant results can be observed with only three 30-minute sessions over the course of three months. With little-to-no downtime, it is great for those wanting a painless, long-lasting treatment without sacrificing any of their day-to-day activities.

Three quick 30-minute treatment sessions over 3 months.

One month after the last treatment session, 87% of patients were satisfied with the improvement. Most patients will see improvement during the course of the treatment.

With proper after-care, the results will continue to improve even when the treatment ends.

AviClear laser treatment requires minimal if any, downtime. This makes it a great option for those looking to treat their acne without sacrificing any of their daily activities or routines. While minor redness and swelling may occur, they will resolve themselves over the course of a week.

AviClear has AviCoolsapphire cooling and sensory controls. This allows for more comfortable treatment. You may feel a slight snapping sensation during treatment. Clinical studies showed that patients tolerated the treatment well without pain relief or needing to stop.

AviClear can currently be used to treat the skin. Your provider will assess your skin and determine if there are other areas that need treatment.

Yes! AviClear has been proven to be safe and effective for all skin types.