XEOMIN® Treatments in Aurora, CO

Innovative Aesthetics offers XEOMIN Treatments in Aurora, CO. XEOMIN® is an FDA-approved injectable for treating adults with moderate to severe frown lines. It is made through a unique precision manufacturing process that isolates the therapeutic component of the molecule and removes the “accessory proteins” that do not play an active role in treatment. This differs from the other wrinkle relaxer, Botox® cosmetic injections.

What are the Benefits of XEOMIN Treatments?

There are a variety of great benefits that XEOMIN Treatments provide. Below is a list of the top benefits.

  1. Reduce Appearance of Facial Wrinkles
    XEOMIN is best to use when you desire to reduce the appearance of furrows on your forehead, crow’s feet, as well as frown lines between eyebrows.
  2. Prevents Wrinkles
    XEOMIN treatments assist with preventing deeper wrinkles down the road. By paralyzing the muscles beneath the skin, it prevents them from moving too much. Thus, creating the inability to deepen the wrinkles as your face moves.
  3. Prevents Severe Sweating
    If you struggle with severe underarm sweating, XEOMIN treatments are FDA-approved in this treatment. An injection into your armpit will help with excessive sweating, allowing you to live more comfortably.
  4. Low Risks
    XEOMIN treatments provide a variety of results, while also having very low risks. There is the possibility for side effects including, bruising in the treated area, headache, feeling tired, or slight pain in the treated area. More severe risks are less common and not highly likely.

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