Laser Facials at Innovative Aesthetics

Our laser facials are non-ablative, meaning it gently warms underlying skin tissue without harming the surface of your skin. This stimulates your body to produce new collagen. Laser facials can reduce the appearance of facial vessels, minor acne scarring, rosacea, sun damage, and diffuse redness.

Common areas that are treated are the face, neck and chest. Sometimes, depending on the condition, more treatments are required.

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What to Expect During Treatment

Pre-Treatment Care

It is common with all laser treatments to reduce sun exposure. In addition, you should discontinue the use of strong topical skincare products 2 days prior to treatment. These products include Retin A, glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.

During Treatment

Your skin will be cleaned prior, so makeup, moisturizers, and sunscreens are removed. The area being treated may also be shaved so it does not interfere with treatment. We do not normally use numbing creams during this procedure. It is a generally pretty comfortable treatment. After the laser facial, hydrocortisone, moisturizer, and/or sunscreen may be applied. The laser head is attached to a cooling unit so the surface of the skin is cooled during the treatment. Many patients describe the treatment as gentle warming of the skin’s surface.

Post-Treatment Care

Sun exposure should also be limited after treatment. If you do go in the sun, it is very important to apply sunscreen. You should avoid using strong topical skincare products for 5 days after treatment. It is important to keep the treated area clean and moist.

Side Effects

There are rarely any side effects associated with the treatment. The most common side effect is a slight redness that disappears a few hours after treatment.

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