Benefits of Facials

Facials offer a variety of great benefits, and Innovative Aesthetics offers a variety of facials for any skincare needs. Facials can rejuvenate and cleanse your skin. They can prevent aging, and facial massages improve blood circulation. This creates healthy skin cells and promotes oxygen and nutrient flow to your face. Facials help detoxify the skin, and some are great for exfoliation. Acne scars and acne prevention are other great benefits that facials provide. They eliminate dark circles and under-eye bags. Facials give skin a soft and glowing appearance. Like other exfoliation products and facial treatments, it creates a more even surface, which allows for better absorption for skincare products.

Facials We Offer

  1. 5280 Facials: This facial is great for same-day events. We use Forma to tighten and lift your skin. It will leave your skin looking rejuvenated, plumper, hydrated, lifted, and glowing. It is a 60-minute treatment for $275.00.
  2. Rejuvenation Facials: This facial is used for anti-aging purposes. It renews the skin’s vibrancy and tone and is a great bi-monthly treatment. It includes a skin analysis, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, and a chemical peel. The rejuvenation facial lasts for 60 minutes for $155.00.
  3. Pore Cleanse Facials: This facial will help clear up acne and give your pores a cleaning. It includes skin analysis, extractions, high frequency (kills bacteria and calms inflamed skin), and a mask or a peel. The pore cleanse facial lasts for 60 minutes for $65.00/$125.00.
  4. Spa Facials: This facial gives you a light exfoliation with our wonderful scrub under the skin. It includes skin analysis, a face, neck, and decolletage massage, mask, and hand/arm massage. The spa facial lasts for 60 minutes for $90.00.
  5. Microfacials: This facial gives exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration. These facials make a great monthly treatment. It includes a skin analysis, steam, extractions, microdermabrasion, facial massage, mask, and a hand massage. The microfacial lasts for 60 minutes for $145.00.


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